Using film to grow customer-centricity and win pitches

“The customer closeness videos that we’ve used and conducted in the past have been incredible powerful for us as a research team within Sky.” Chris James, Strategy Controller at Sky

The Sky Sports strategy team successfully used video in their pitch,  securing new rights for the English Cricket Board. They attributed a part of their success to the way the consumer was brought to life in the video outputs.

To ensure the film was as creative and engaging as possible, Vox Pops International conducted in-home interviews with three cricket-watching families. We captured the differences in how families participate in cricket and what they love about watching the game. B-roll footage of the respondents playing cricket and watching the sport was used to bring the insights to life on screen.

“We received a lot of praise from those who were in charge of actually pulling that pitch together, saying it was an integral part of their strategy, being able to rely on those video outputs”.

Sky and VPI

VPI has worked closely with Sky for over 10 years, helping them grow customer-centricity and win pitches through the use of film and animation.

“One of the key objectives of our UK CEO is to really place customers at the heart of the business.” Chris James, Strategy Controller at Sky.

Sky routinely run sessions with their customers where they get the chance to hear feedback and discuss what really matters from the consumer’s perspective. By filming these sessions and conducting short vox pops with customers, Sky have been able to embed the insight across the various teams.

In addition to producing customer closeness and pitch films for Sky, VPI have produced a number of vox pops videos and segmentation films, often featuring animation. Through creative graphics, we have helped highlight key insights and stats surrouding various segments.

“To get people truly excited about segments and actually action them into their day-to-day lives within a business like Sky, you need to bring those segments to life and there’s no better way to do that then using video”. Chris James, Strategy Controller at Sky.

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