How colleague video interviews helped John Lewis Finance improve training by increasing brand engagement

“It was so much more powerful listening to their voices… Becky or I could stand there talking about things for hours but hearing them and their experiences was probably one of the most powerful bits for me.”  Graham Hattey, Customer Experience Manager at John Lewis Finance.

Conducting video interviews with colleagues and third-party advisors provides content that helps companies increase employee engagement. We worked with John Lewis Finance (JLF) to help implement this for their company training sessions.

We conducted video interviews with third-party advisors, customer experience managers and directors who shared their first-hand experiences of working for the brand. These ‘expert voices’ were then compiled into a creative, impactful video that JLF could use time and time again.

The key objective of our project managers running the training sessions was to introduce the company’s values in a memorable way that would stay with new advisors.  It was also important to feature video clips from colleagues sharing real day-to-day experiences.

The creation process

We conducted open ended video interviews over a period of 2 days at offices and call centres around the country, using a discreet camera with lights in order to capture colleagues in their work environment, in a natural and authentic way. Once we had all the video footage our experienced editors selected the best video clips that met the client’s objectives and we shared them with JLF.

“The professionalism of it was excellent.  When we shared it within our team… that was their feedback, very engaging and covered a lot of detail.”  Becky Millard, Customer Experience Manager at John Lewis Finance

We then worked collaboratively to create the video narrative and added contextualizing shots that we’d filmed whilst conducting the interviews. These included colleague interactions, shots of training meetings and other interesting visual content.

The final training film has been shown in all John Lewis Finance brand training sessions with new advisors and recruits, as well as being used as a communications tool throughout the company to engage staff with the brand.

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